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Sharri Van Zyl

Owner, Vape King, 7 months ago

We have used Vrtly for all our tours on our 16 retail locations. The service from Leandri is amazing and her photography packages are absolutely worth taking. She is extremely knowledgeable when it comes to helping your company rank higher on google and she is always willing to go the extra mile for her clients.

Leroy Bagoes

Employee, Jack friedman, a year ago.

The business premises photography is great. Editing is done well and angles are very good. Images prove to be useful for business on GMB and on websites. Advice is also something I needed and the consultation recieved was valuable to a very extensive point. Great working with them. I definitely recommend to other businesses seeking images and websites.

Jack Friedman Jewellers

Jack Friedman Jewellers Official, a year ago

The quality of the virtual tour for the price of the tour is remarkably great. We have done a vast amount of research in search for someone to take 360 panorama of our stores to increase rankings on GMB and none have beaten the level of service and quality received from Leandri. I recommend her services to all businesses! Will definitely be upgrading our normal 360 tours to interactive 360 tours in the future with this company.